Loughanaskin Masterplan, Athlone, Co. Westmeath

Client: Athlone Town Council

Status: Completed 2007

The Loughanaskin Masterplan proposal is for a Town Centre
Neighbourhood, and was prepared in collaboration with Fionnuala
Rogerson Architects. The masterplan is based on the principle of
sustainable renewal of this area, which is located adjoining the major
social, cultural and physical infrastructure of Athlone Town.

The levels of development envisaged for the Loughanaskin
Masterplan Area include;

- 200 new dwellings, an average of 26 residential units
per acre

- New streets, landscaped squares, parks and pedestrianised zones

- Approximately 6,600 sqm of non-residential floor area, including
neighbourhood commercial units

- New buildings of various heights, from two-storey semidetached
houses up to four-storey mixed-use buildings